It’s true and unheard of in the real estate industry. If you are a licensed real estate agent working for WEICHERT REALTORS – Browning & Browning we will build you your own personal website. And not just any website, but a website that promotes you as an individual agent, and one that is linked from and supported by the company website. Further, all web generated leads are assigned to you from the company website, and they become your own sales leads with no referral fee. WEICHERT REALTORS – Browning & Browning spends thousands of dollars each month driving these leads to their website for their agents. Why? Our belief is that agents who are successful will recognize the support of the company and this will in turn build a long term lasting business relationship.

And for our sellers and buyers there is nothing but an upside to this business model. It only means more exposure of their listings, and for buyers an enhanced web search experience that no other real estate company in the region can offer. While the Internet has been around for some 20+ years, many of our competitors have become lax and complacent when it comes to keeping up with technology. The Internet continues to evolve each and every day. The bottom line is that no one wants to spend the money that home sellers and buyers deserve in this day and age. Lets be honest, it is really expensive! Well we are breaking all the rules when it comes to real estate marketing. Every single day of every week we monitor our website leads and traffic, and we adjust our setting daily to drive more people to our website. If we exceed our advertising budget on search engines such as Google then we increase our budget. There is only a budget until we hit our cap and then it is increased because it is working. It is really that simple!

If you are a newly licensed agent, an experienced agent, a prospective seller, or a prospective buyer, WEICHERT REALTORS – Browning & Browning is the only real estate company in the region that is investing in this type of cutting edge technology. Designed to benefit agents, sellers, and buyers, we invite you to join us in your search for personal success. Looking to start a new career? Are you an experienced agent looking to make a change? Do you want to sell your home? Are you looking to purchase the home of your dreams? Whatever your needs the WEICHERT REALTORS – Browning & Browning sales team is here to assist you every step of the way.